Our Unique Approach

Our Intelligent Delivery System works with our unique Dynamic Emulsion to provide your skin care product the edge you need to compete in today’s thriving market. You can stand behind a product that helps improve the skin by teaching it to become stronger and less vulnerable to environmental factors over time.  

The base of all skin care products is made with water and oil. Since this is a mixture that does not normally mix together, it is called an emulsion. In order to stabilize this emulsion, which means, in order to make it blend and maintain its properties over time, it needs to be mixed with an emulsifier. An emulsifier will act with the properties of the dispersed liquid, so that it stays blended with the continuous liquid (the liquid in which it was poured). The goal of the emulsifier is to create a polarity between the dispersed and continuous product that prevents it from separating. Our Dynamic Emulsion creates a product that will actually improve your consumer’s skin with prolonged use, because it teaches the skin to continue working while your consumer uses the product. In fact, our skin care products can be beneficial to the skin before adding the active ingredient, because of the Intelligent Delivery System we use. One of the most common complaints in the skin care industry is that the consumer is happy only while they are using the product. As soon as they stop using skin care products, their skin feels even worse than before they started using that product. 

Why does that happen?

Most emulsifying systems available on the market will strip the skin of its healthy oils and properties over time. The types and quantities of water, oil, and emulsifiers used are what determines the properties of the skin care product you are producing. The traditional system is either water based, with oil particles, or oil based, with water particles; and both options would have an emulsifier that creates a connection between the oil and water, to bind them together. The type of emulsifier used would determine whether the oil is driven into the water, or whether the water is driven into the oil. The emulsifier that binds the two properties together also adheres to the natural oils of the skin, such that when the consumer washes their face, the natural oils of the skin are also stripped. With prolonged use, the skin looses more of its natural oils, and becomes drier and irritated.  

Why is Dynamic Emulsion is the answer to this problem?  

That is because the Dynamic Emulsion system is not focused on dispersed droplets of either water or oil being spread on the skin. Rather, it creates networks of channels over the skin that bank water between them. Essentially, it mimics the properties of the skin, and allows for a longer lasting barrier that provides the skin access to water for several hours. Moreover, since it reproduces the natural properties of skin, it also encourages the skin to continue producing the healthy oils it needs without reacting to the elements. With our Intelligent Delivery System, we ensure that our Dynamic Emulsion and the active ingredients compliment each other, and have the necessary properties to encourage and allow maximum absorption by the skin. This teaches the skin to become healthier and stronger over time. We believe that your skin care product should bring something new to the market, and that is the reason we continue to innovate systems that actually helps the skin become better, rather than simply look better. 

an Intelligent Delivery System and Dynamic Emulsion
an Intelligent Delivery System and Dynamic Emulsion