Our Process

We offer a simple way to bring your dreams into reality. To that end, we offer a full range of services that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. Choose all, or combine some, of these services to launch your own skincare line with professionals, experienced in the industry.

Your Idea:

Whether you have an idea, a formula, a prototype, or a vision, we are here to help you develop it. Being a boutique manufacturer allows us more freedom to be creative with the formulation of the skin care product you would like to provide to your target market. We rely on our extensive knowledge of science and technology to create or improve the formulation that would best suit your idea.  

Concept Engineering:

In keeping with your vision or your existing brand or business, we consider who you want as your target audience, the price range of your product, your brand guidelines, how you want this introduced into the market, what claim you want your product to make, and how you want to stand apart in the market. We help you design the concept you want to sell.

Research & Development:

Here comes the fun part! This is where we, at EMA, conduct the necessary research to create the best product possible based on your idea and the concept we have developed together. We use the latest scientific discoveries, the latest technology available, and the best ingredients available on the market to develop your vision. At this stage, your vision becomes a reality - a tangible product.

Sample Testing:

Once satisfied with the product, we offer you a small batch of sample-sized products to test on your target consumer. This allows us to determine if there are any improvements that can be made, based on your consumer’s response, and it allows you to estimate the demand you will have for your product. 


You now have your very own brand of skin care! Since we cater to small and medium sized businesses, we can manufacture the amount of product you anticipate needing. This allows us to make fresh batches of your product, every time you order, so they are not expiring, or sitting in storage for extended periods of time. If your business does not give you much shelf or storage space, we offer the option of storing your order at our facility.  

Packaging & Labelling:

At EMA, we are very conscious of the rules and regulations placed by the government of Canada on manufacturing skin care products and cosmetics. We ensure that our packaging and labelling meet the legal standards, so your brand can speak for itself.

Marketing & Sales:

Our expert marketing team can guide you through the steps of marketing your product and increasing your sales in a competitive market. 


If you are from a physician’s office, a medical spa, or a skincare clinic, you may choose to consider the co-branding option, where you can enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with our very own skincare and cosmetics line, ELLE’MA Laboratory, https://www.ellemalab.com. Help develop and design a unique formula for your business.

big concepts manufactured in small quantities
big concepts manufactured in small quantities