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Manufacturing innovation tailored to your vision

We pride ourselves on turning pure ideas into innovative products tailored to your brand and made to make an impression in this thriving market. We take your imagination and bring it to life using our expertise in science, the newest developments in technology, and our extensive knowledge of skin care products. We appreciate that in recent years, consumers have become increasingly conscious of the products they bring into their homes, put in their bodies, and apply to their skins. We only use quality ingredients that consumers will appreciate.  

We have become fascinated with the field of Epigenetic, and the way in which this science can help us create better, smarter, skin care products that aid our skin in staying healthy. We stay abreast of scientific research and development so that we can differentiate between fads and true scientific discoveries. We make this science and technology available to you, so that your product can bring innovation to this booming industry, and stand out as an effective brand that contributes to the well-being of its clientele.  

Having been in the skin care industry for years, we appreciate that some businesses cannot order the volume required to contract with most manufacturing companies. At EMA, we offer our services to companies who want to commit to a smaller quantity of product, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. We manufacture products based on demand, and since it is done in-house, it is always freshly created, rather than sitting in storage for extended periods of time. 

We want to understand your idea, your business, your core values, your vision and your goals in order to bring your concept to life. With that in mind, we offer concept engineering. In conjunction with your idea, we consider your target market, your price range, and your business plan to design a concept based on your brand’s purpose and that which sets you apart in this industry. In today’s competitive market, we help you find a niche for your product. Based on market assessment, we create a concept design that highlights the value your product brings to a steadily growing market.

At EMA, we want you to own the concept we create together. We want this concept to represent your brand and your mission in a manner that lets you stand out and create your own clientele. Our research and development team will create the formulation you are looking for, in the manner you have envisioned, and give you a sample size of the product. You can test it on your target consumer and determine if the product meets your standards and the demands of your clientele. Once you are satisfied, we scale up to create the volume you require, and your brand is ready to hit the market!  

Whether you need total development, or co-branding with our skincare and cosmetics line, or you want to test the waters with a white label, we work with you in the capacity that best suits your business. We also offer you the option of storing your order at our facility, should you require this service.  

Given our experience in the Canadian market, we are mindful of the packaging and labelling laws and regulations governing our industry. We will ensure that your product, meets the standards of the Canadian market inside and out.  

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innovation tailored to your vision
innovation tailored to your vision