Our Services

Big concepts manufactured in small quantities

At EMA, we want to encourage you to follow your dreams and bring your ideas to life. 

Whether you are science-minded or not, whether you have developed your own brand, or simply come to us with an idea, we will help you achieve your goal of manufacturing your very own brand of skin care products.  

Your might choose Total Development, Private Label or White Label, or you might prefer Co-Branding with ELLE’MA Laboratory, http://ellemalab.com.  

Which option is best for you?

Total Development 

  • Ideal for world wide marketing and distribution. 
  • Requires a professional team to develop marketing, selling and financing strategies. 
  • The process requires several months to allow for the various stages of development, including research, testing, packaging, labelling and branding.
  • A financial commitment to developing your own product(s).
  • Your formula is created for, and is unique to, your brand. 
  • You have proprietary ownership of your formula. 
  • MOQ of 1000 pieces.

Private Label or White Label

  • Ideal for area marketing and distribution (focus is on the domestic market).
  • Faster, less costly method to get to market because the base of the product, or the formula has already been created. It either comes from our library of products or as an alternative to your national brand. 
  • The product is likely already on the market under different brands.
  • You do not own the formula, nor is it proprietary.
  • MOQ of 500 pieces.

Co-Branding with Elle’Ma Laboratory

  • Ideal for physician offices, medical spas and skincare clinics.
  • Innovative-based partnership.
  • Under this partnership, we offer most of the total development services, at no extra cost to you. 
  • The formula is customized in accordance with your instructions, in order to meet the needs of your clientele.
  • The product you are selling, with your company name and logo, is formulated uniquely for your business. 
  • A cost-effective method that allows you to tailor your investment to your needs. 
  • Quicker lead time allows you to enter the market sooner. 
  • Trial marketing is a great first step allowing you to evaluate your market demand and determine the return on your investment.
  • MOQ as low as 20 pieces