Our Commitment to Skincare

Boutique quality for boutique quantity

Boutique manufacturing provides custom manufacturing for entrepreneurs and individuals with a vision, to create a brand, to enter into a co-branding partnership, or create a product for an existing brand. Being a boutique manufacturer allows us to create the technology necessary to customize your product for the purpose you have envisioned.   

You bring us your idea and your vision, and we create the skin care product that will take your business to the next level. From the idea, to the science, to the laboratory, to manufacturing, packaging, and labelling, we do it all right here! This allows us to be involved in every step of the process to make sure you get the highest standard of professionalism.  

We are a boutique manufacturer based in Toronto. Proudly made in Canada, we use the highest quality products available in the market and follow the laws and regulations set by Canadian standards.  

At EMA, we respect the environment. Both fauna and flora are important to us, and in staying true to our love of animals and nature, the products we use are mainly eco-friendly and not tested on animals. We stand behind our science and technology, so much so, that we test our final products on ourselves and our willing target consumers, before we pass them on to you and your clients.  

boutique quality for boutique quantity
boutique quality for boutique quantity