Epigenetic and Skin Care

Upgrade to Smart Skin

The way we live, our lifestyle, our environment, the climate in which we live, and the foods we consume have an impact on the way our skin reacts and looks. In fact, recent developments in science show us that the expression of our genes can be altered by everything that makes up our lifestyles, habits, environment and climate. Even our parents’ habits before we were conceived can determine the expression of our genes, and thereby affect the quality of our skin. The field of epigenetic is teaching us that we can, over time, reverse these negative impacts on our skin. Epigenetic studies the changes in gene expression, to be distinguished from changes in the genetic code itself. It looks at the way our genes communicate with our cells to create the reactions the body deems necessary. Based on external stimuli, such as lifestyle, aging, and environmental factors, our genes can be turned on and off over time. This means that with the proper product, we can create modifications that will turn certain genes on and off. This can be applied to many of the skin issues and concerns that drive consumers in the skin care industry to keep looking for that product that will actually address their needs.  

The idea behind the science, when applied to skin care, is to teach the skin to work with the product applied in such a way that the skin becomes stronger and healthier with time. With extended use of the product formulated with epigenetic in mind, the consumer can rely on your brand for long-term use with positive outcomes. We have applied this science to develop an Intelligent Delivery System and Dynamic Emulsion to optimize your skin care products.  

To ensure that our quality matches with our claims, we are committed to providing quality raw materials, sourced locally when possible. To the extent available on the market, we make every effort to support our local businesses and our local economy. All the ingredients we use are properly tested, and none are generic. We aim to increase efficiency, while decreasing the harmful effects of long-term product use.  

Using a boutique manufacturer allows you to customize your product for your clientele and the concerns they want addressed the most. It allows you to provide products with minimum amounts of preservatives and quick turn around time, since they are not sitting on storage shelves. Our products are freshly made based on market demand.  

the power of knowledge
the power of knowledge