Our Sensory Profile

The feel of each one of our creams, regardless of the purpose for which it is intended, has a three phase process, each of which can be tailored to your needs, your target audience and the market story that your product wants to tell. Then, comes the four different feelings from which you can choose. With our Sensory Profile, every aspect of your skin care product can be customized to your brand, including the feel best suited to your consumer. Remember, this is only the base of the cream. This is where you determine if you want this to be an eye cream, a night cream, a day cream etc... You choose whether it is meant for a warm climate, or a cold one.  You can decide whether it is intended to be used by athletes, or whether it is geared towards busy professions who spend their days in offices, under fluorescent lights. The Sensory Profile is an important decision that can have a significant impact on how your product is received in the market. With the variety of skin care products available to consumers, the Sensory Profile you choose must be one that the consumer finds comfortable to apply, and comfortable to wear for several hours. Consumers are less likely to opt for products that do not feel comfortable on their skin, so the Sensory Profile decision must take every aspect of the targeted consumer in mind. 

Rub Out 1: this is the first phase, and it refers to the feel of the product when you first apply it to your skin, and the ease with which it spreads.  

Rub Out 2: this the second phase, when you have massaged the product onto your skin. At this stage, the properties of the cream change, because with each massaging stroke you are encouraging changes in the properties of the cream by altering the way the emulsion interacts with itself. 

After Feel: the third and final phase is the feel you are left with when the product has been massaged into your skin, and has rested for a short period of time.  

Now that you are familiar with the phases of a cream-based product, you can choose the feel that is right for your target market. The feel of a cream is the combination of phases that the cream goes through. This is the cumulative portion of the Sensory Profile. We offer 4 feels to choose from, though additional customization is also possible at this stage.  

Feeling 1: 

  • seems to be the preferred option for people with mixed or oily skin.  
  • This offers a Rub Out 1 that feels very light on the skin, and is relatively low in oil content.  
  • The Rub Out 2 is a light watery feel, that occurs when the water and oil components separate quickly. 
  • The After Feel continues to maintain a light, watery texture to counteract the feeling of oily skin.  

Feeling 2: 

  • seems to be preferred by some with mixed skin, and those with normal to slightly dry skin.  
  • The Rub Out 1 is a light, watery feel, giving the skin a feeling of freshness. 
  • The Rub Out 2 moves towards a slightly oilier feel, as the oil and water separate to bring the oil to the surface to sooth the dry skin.  
  • The After Feel provides a light, airy feel. 

Feeling 3

  • seems to be preferred by those with dry skin.  
  • The Rub Out 1 feels slightly heavier in consistency, to provide that immediate sense of relief from dry skin.  
  • The Rub Out 2 becomes lighter to provide a fresh, clean feel.  
  • The After Feel continues to maintain a light texture and airy feel on the skin.

Feeling 4

  • seems to be the preferred choice for very dry skin, or as an overnight cream.  
  • The Rub Out 1 provides an oily feel.  
  • The Rub Out 2 maintains an oily feel, sitting a little heavier on the skin to sooth the feeling of pulling skin due to dryness.  
  • The After Feel maintains a heavier oil based feel, providing a longer lasting stay and a stronger barrier to protect the skin. 

Once you have selected your base, and thereby determined your Sensory Profile, you pick your active ingredient. The active ingredient is the element that gives your product a purpose; a specific property to address a specific skin concern. It can address wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, blemishes, etc.... You can choose one, or multiple, active ingredients to meet the claim you want your product to make. The decision of which active ingredient(s) to use will have to be made in consideration of your target market, the size of your product, your intended cost, etc... 

At EMA, we provide you with all the options, so that you can make an informed decision. We want you to provide products that compliment each other, active ingredients that work with one another, and to be proud of the brand you are introducing into the market. Whether you are using a specific technology developed by EMA, a certain active ingredient combination, or a basic moisturizer, your consumer will be left with skin that feels luxurious. That is the promise of our Sensory Profile.

create a concept, sell a system
create a concept, sell a system